Plana d’en Fonoll


Wine style


Dry white wine, fruity and slightly complex. It stands out for its freshness due to the location of the only two vineyards of Chardonnay that we have, situated in hollows.

Plana d’en Fonoll Chardonnay

Grape varieties


Tasting notes

Pale yellow colour. It has a very intense and fruity aroma, characteristic of a fresh expression of this variety with a background of complex hints. On the palate it is brilliant, fresh and medium bodied.

Food and pairing suggestions

The freshness of Plana d’en Fonoll S Chardonnay allows us to suggest new and different options than the typical food pairings for Chardonnay whites wines. It makes us think of starters and dishes with a good dose of fruits and acidity. Ideal with the Caesar salad and the fish cakes, especially the salmon based ones. It pairs nicely with butter or curry sauces, so it will perfectly accompany a chicken curry or a salmon with butter. Best enjoyed during the first 3 years following the harvest. Serve cold (8º).


Chardonnay du Monde Gold 2017

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