Massís del Port 1898


Oil style


Extra virgin olive oil obtained from early harvest Empeltre and Arbequina olives. “Verd” means green in Catalan and it refers to the main colour of the olives before completely ripened. This quality gives to this olive oil an especial and intense flavour. It is only available in 250 ml bottle, ideal to seasoning.

Massís del Port 1898 Verd

Olive variety

Empeltre, Arbequina


Medium green fruity, balanced. Product fact sheet of each vintage includes a tasting note.


To appreciate the flavours that the early harvest olives gives to this oil you should taste it raw, with anything, or with some untoasted bread. It is an excellent option for seasoning toasted bread, traditional Catalan bread with tomato, salads of all kinds, grilled pepper and eggplant, barbecued tomatoes, carpaccios, soups, creams and any dish where you miss a bit of olive oil. To enjoy it fully read the best before date shown on the label of the bottle. Save it at a temperature around 20º C.

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