Massís del Port 1898


Oil style


Extra virgin olive oil Empeltre based from ancient olive trees. This Massís del Port 1898 packed in 3 liter cans contains a part of Arbequina olive oil, this is why it is very versatile for seasoning and specially recommended for cooking.

Massís del Port 1898  3L

Olive variety

Empeltre, Arbequina


Medium green fruity, balanced. Product fact sheet of each vintage includes a tasting note.


Massís del Port 1898 will make a difference in the kitchen and all cooking processes in which olive oil plays an important role such marinate, confit, stewing and frying. You can also use it as an ingredient in creams and cold soups. Raw consumption is very versatile and flavourful. All these features make it ideal to fill your oilcan. To fully enjoy it must be consumed during the best before date you will find on the label on the bottom of the can. Save it to about 20° C temperature.

Check the product fact sheet