Llàgrimes de tardor

red mistela

Wine style


Liquor wine, sweet and fruity.  Llàgrimes de tardor red mistela is the most surprising and less well known mistela. It is elaborated with overripened grapes, most of them are raisins, crushed and macerated with high quality grape spirit. This style of wine is very traditional in the villages of the Mediterranean wine regions.

Llàgrimes de tardor Red Mistela

Grape varieties


Tasting notes

Deep cherry colour and bright. The aroma is very fruity with raisin notes, dried figs, red fruit marmalade and also some spicy nuances. We’ll find a bit of freshness and a balanced sweetness due to ripened tannins on the palate. Delicious! Once the bottle is opened the red mistela will loose the colour intensity and the aromas will evolve to confit notes.

Food pairing and suggestions

Llàgrimes de tardor red mistela goes far beyond of a traditional consumption and suggests you to accompany the dessert after a good meal. Its touch, that fades its sweetness, suggests us to pair it with some sweet desserts such as cheesecake or a bitter chocolate cake. It also pairs with quince with cheese and any blue cheese. Best enjoyed during the first 3 years following the vintage date. Once opened use the original mushroom cap to close the bottle and place it out of light in a fresh and dry place. You can keep it for at least 3 years following the vintage date. Serve cold (8º C).


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