Llàgrimes de tardor

white Magnum

Wine style


Dry white wine, medium bodied and complex. Llàgrimes de tardor white Magnum is a limited edition wine addressed to those truly passionate about the most emblematic wine of the cellar and one of the most important aged white wine recognized in Catalonia.

Llàgrimes de tardor White Magnum

Grape varieties

White Grenache

Tasting notes

Pale yellow colour that evolves to golden nuances from the third year following the vintage date. It gives off aromas of fine breeding and later in time it offers very characteristic fruity notes. On the palate it offers a complex flavour and a fresh and very lingering finish.

Food pairing and suggestions

Llàgrimes de tardor white’s style invites you to accompany the main dish of a festive meal or a commitment. On these occasions it will pair perfectly with chicken, poultries and cod cooked at low temperatures. It is particularly recommended with confit lamb seasoned with olive oil and herbs. It will also pair with soups and stews, very tasty, like a chickpea stew with red prawns. This wine is the ideal option for midnight cocktails or wine spirits. You can keep it for at least five years following the vintage date. To fully appreciate it, you can serve it in a Burgundy glass type. Decanting is an option that will help to improve the aromatic expression during the first two or three years. Magnum bottle holds 1.5 litres of wine so it has the ideal capacity for 8 diners. Serve cold (10-12° C).


Guía Peñín 2015 · 91 punts
Guía Peñín 2014 · 91 punts
Guía Peñín 2013 · 91 punts

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