Clot d’encís

white mistela

Wine style


Clot d’encís white mistela is a very fruity liquor wine. It is elaborated, without fermentation, by addition of high quality grape spirit in the must of very ripe grapes. This wine style is very traditional in the villages of the Mediterranean wine regions.

Clot d’encís White Mistela

Grape varieties

White Grenache

Tasting notes

Its colour can evolve from a pale yellow to one of more intense or amber colour. The aroma is very fruity and jammy with honey hints. It will offer an intense flavour, well balanced between sweetness and freshness. After a few days, once the bottle has been opened, the wine will show a deeper colour and candied aroma nuances.

Food pairing and suggestions

The traditional consumption of this style of wine is for celebrations and bank holidays and even to offer a sip to your guests. You can try it as an appetizer with some ice cubes mixed with orange peel and also to season a fruit salad. Best enjoyed during the first 3 years following the vintage year. Once opened use the original cork to close the bottle and keep it out of light in a fresh and dry place. Serve cold (8° C).


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