It is our dedication that brings us here


Es nuestra dedicación la que nos trae hasta aquí

Una propuesta esencial

of high quality

Laqvarta proposes a style of local and Mediterranean wine, where the essence of the most deeply rooted grape varieties, the vineyard identity of our land and the culture of elaboration of Sant Josep Wines are unequivocally identified.


The elaboration of these wines is possible thanks to the conservation of a singular vegetal patrimony, represented by the most significant and majority varieties before the beginning of the restructuring and reconversion campaigns of the vineyard in the 80s. The improvement of traditional viticulture in our vineyards has also been decisive, which allows us to obtain more precise qualities. In the third place, the capacity and the experience of selection that we have developed in the field and in the winery for more than 20 years, has allowed us to carry out the most demanding selection in the vineyards of our owners to elaborate Laqvarta. And finally, the purity and definition of the elaborations, only possible from low yields in the vineyard and a perfectly healthy and balanced vintage, which we select and harvest by hand.

The grape varieties


  • White grenache. Its growing in the area is historic and very significant across the world. It allows to produce great white wines, with aging potential.
  • Peluda Grenache (red). It is an indigenous Grenache of the Ebro River Valley, very resistant to drought, with a unique fruity expression.
  • Carignan. It is the most delicate grape of the Mediterranean vineyard, of late ripening, present in the great red wines of this area.


Laqvarta is, therefore, the product of the search to define and preserve an original style for Terra Alta wines and the consolidation of Sant Josep Wines as a winery. It is also a call to the next generation of owners, the fourth, to give continuity to the work of the first three. For all this we believe that Laqvarta offers us an unforgettable tasting.

Imagen de la botella de Laqvarta blanco




A new reading, fresh and essential, of white Grenache grape variety. Varietal white wine, dry, complex and full-bodied.

Laqvarta Tinto




It is the first wine of the winery made exclusively with “Peluda” grenache. It is the indigenous Grenache of the Ebro River Valley grown by our wine growers in Bot. Red wine of high varietal expression, also oaked.

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